Jose Hill Coffee

Jose Hill Coffee is the Continuity of a family tradition that has lasted for more than sixty years. It offers you now the best coffee beans the hills of the Andes can produce.  And it all started in Quindío, a state of Colombia where Jose’s Grandfather was able to establish his own coffee farm, in the picturesque green hills of Filandia.  This very same coffee farm has been in the family ever since, passing down traditions from one generation to the next.

This region gained recognition back in 1830 for the historical journey of the Liberator, Simon Bolivar, who traveled with his troops the Royal Andean paths.  This same area also found fame for being the home to the Quimbaya Treasure which produced more than 120 pre-Colombian Quimbaya gold pieces, discovered by treasure hunters in 1890 and are now displayed in Madrid, New York, and Chicago museums. 

Lately, it has attracted the attention of world travelers that not only come to enjoy the most delicious coffee, which takes its high notes from the benevolence of the Andes foothill weather, but they also come to experience the most charming and historical architecture of the town, the relaxing beauty of surrounding farms, and the extended grassy hills that lead to the mountainous glacier known as Los Nevados National Nature Park.

So from a territory with remarkable history and ancestral tradition, comes a coffee with great appealing characteristics.  You will find that Jose Hill Coffee exhibits smooth rich flavors and delicate scents that can only come from the cold humid climate of the region.  Every cup will reveal its rich complexity which comes from the coffee trees growing in volcanic ash soil.  You can also experience its balanced acidity with the caramelized profusion that develops to a lingering pleasant mouth feel which evolves from perfectly roasted beans.

Enjoy Jose Hill Coffee by itself or accompany it in Jose’s way… with a Colombian cheese donut.